Welcome to Wierd(A)dvisory, where extraordinary talent meets the most fascinating challenges the world has to offer. I'm Sean Wierda, the Managing Principal of Wierd(A)dvisory, and I'm an entrepreneur behind a new approach to the business of ‘advice’.

[weird ad-vis-or-y]   noun

also known as Weird Advisory or simply (WA).

In founding Wierd(A)dvisory, I aimed to challenge the advisory industry's status quo and reintroduce humility to a field often dominated by the projection of 'subject matter expertise.'

Our journey is guided by three core beliefs about the world today:


The world is becoming weirder, demanding fundamentally different choices where blueprints are nonexistent. Subject matter expertise, especially on broad topics like 'strategy,' is no longer sufficient.


Individuals who deviate from the ordinary often possess the potential to generate outstanding work. They challenge traditional management styles and resist conformity to predefined 'role contexts,' representing those most frustrated with prevailing workplace cultures.


Bigger isn’t always better. The advisory business excels when there's a focus on the actual craft of problem-solving, coupled with responsible growth.

As the leader of the Wierd(A)dvisory, my expertise lies in creating an environment where diverse forms of genius can flourish, serving as a conduit for that talent to produce remarkable work in client contexts.


In the ever-evolving fields of strategy, change, and transformation, we recognize the delicate balance between art and science. Our success rests on two pillars: prioritizing our team's well-being and understanding the rules and power dynamics shaping systems in organizations—an approach fundamental to our achievements.  


This commitment has led us to adopt familiar practices in unconventional ways, revisit foundational principles to formulate the 'weird methodology,' and be discerning about the projects we undertake. Executing our core principles with cutting-edge tools, coupled with hands-on Principal engagement, we consistently deliver on the authentic commitment to trustworthy advisory services.